Once upon 
Kiselo Mlyako


I am a visual artist, tattoo artist, illustrator and rug maker from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Just finished my bachelor in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia with book, illustration and printmaking.

Location: Sofia
IG: @sa6ettu

Right now wandering /freelancing between all of these mediums, working on various projects, focusing mainly and exploring the zine as an object and conductor of my artistic ideas. I like this bittersweet taste of sarcasm and irony in my work, representing the world the way I see it - filled with strange-looking interesting objects, different absurd characters, bizarre people and their everyday situations.

Food &

A dish to your heart?

︎︎︎ Don’t know about a dish, it’s hard to say, but definitely a product has it’s place in my heart – Bulgarian yogurt and Bulgarian white cheese.

And the story behind?

︎︎︎ Here in my country one of the few things we are very proud of is our yogurt in Bulgarian called sour milk (Kiselo Mlyako). It is believed to have been known for at least 4000 years, super healthy and delicious food, with a unique taste of acidity and thickness, caused by a special bacteria, called Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Pretty damn cool! You can eat it just like that, put it in all sorts of dishes- sweet and salty. We also have a famous dish with it, cold soup with this yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, and dill. Here for the summer is the best thing you could eat.

“I love food, I’m very passionate about eating it, definitely not cooking it.”


Just chill and vibe︎︎︎

If you did a cookbook, how would that be? What would you put in it?

︎︎︎ That would be a huge challenge for me, cause I’m the worst cook ever. I love food, I’m very passionate about eating it, definitely not cooking it. But if I had to make a cookbook, probably it would be one of those kinds like “Cooking for Dummies” series, but in my book will be filled with instructions on what NOT to do while cooking.

Tell us an embarrassing dining/kitchen story.

︎︎︎ As I said I’m not proud of my cooking skills. I’m an “idiot sandwich” in this situation. Last time, which was literally 3 weeks ago, I tried just to bake slices of bread with egg and cheese in the oven, which was supposed to take 15 minutes maximum. I stood in front of the oven for 1 hour and a half wondering why they’re not baking, then I saw a small ant inside the oven and I thought “Wow, do ants really survive in this high temperatures? " Then realized that I just forgot to put the oven on… Also, many cases in which putting just a tiny sip of salt in the dish and accidentally dropping the whole ball of salt inside. One time I was making a cream soup and called my sister to tell me what to do. And she said “Oh, it’s super easy. You boil the vegetables, make them into a cream and put Picantina ( this is a very strong spice, normally when people cook with it they only put one tiny spoon of it) but she said “put Picantina” NOT “put only one tiny spoon of Picantina”, so I just put the whole bag, after that had to throw away the soup. But in my defence, haha I will say that I’m trying my best and recently started cooking more, and finally made some good dishes that were even tasty haha.



Aleksandra Georgieva aka @sa6ettu